BACK TO THE BASIC VOL.2 ー90s Culture Mixー

温故知新をテーマにしたミックスシリーズ「BACK TO THE BASIC」の第2弾です。

90s Culture One drop Mix
1,Buju Banton/Our Father In Zion
2,Buju Banton/Untold Stories
3,Buju Banton/Hills And Valleys
4,Buju Banton/Destiny
5,Buju Banton/Not An Easy Road
6,Buju Banton/Wanna Be Loved
7,Buju Banton&Ras Shilo/Give I Strength
8,Ras Shilo/Child Of Slave
9,Marcia Griffiths&Tony Rebel/Ready To Go
10,Jah Mali/El Shadhi
11,Jah Mali/Real Issues
12,Everton Blender/Lift Up Your Head
13,Capleton/Moving On
14,Jah Cure/Zion Wait
15,Morgan Heritage/Don't Haffi Dread
16,Suger Minott/Never Gonna Give Jah Up
17,Sizzla/Good Way
18,Sizzla/Guide Over Us
19,Luciano/It's Me Again Jah
20,Luciano/Over The Hill
21,Luciano/How Can You
22,Luciano/Lord Give Me Strength
23,Sanchez/Praise Him
24,Sizzla/Praise Ye Jah
25,Tony Rebel/Why Be Afraid
26,Ras Shilo/Are You Satisfied
27,Everton Blender/Ghetto People Song
28,Sizzla/Holding Firm
29,Sizzla&Jah Cure/King In the Jungle
30,Sizzla/Like Mountain
31,Sizzla/Do You Ever
32,Jah Cure/Sunny Day
33,Jah Cure/Troddin The Valley
34,Jah Cure/Love Is Only Soltion
35,Capleton/Jah Jah City
36,Luciano&LouieCulture,TerrorFabulous/In This Together
37,Cocoa Tea/Hurry Up And Come
38,Sizzla/I'm Not Sure
39,Tony Rebel/Celebrate Life
40,Sanchez/Never This Di Man
41,Chevelle Franklyn&Lady G/Thank You

¥ 1,500





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